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Dr. Wilner offers individual, marital, family and group psychotherapy on an outpatient basis. Her practice addresses a wide range of issues including: depression and mood disorders, anxiety disorders, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, substance abuse and behavioral addictions, grief and loss, marital discord, divorce related concerns, parent-child relationship difficulties (including reunification), and domestic violence. She works with children from ages 12 to 18, and adults of all ages.

Dr. Wilner is not an “in network provider” for any insurance plans and requests payment at the time of service. An invoice will be provided to you that includes all necessary coding for insurance claims in the event you would like to submit for reimbursement on your own. Please contact your insurance carrier directly to inquire about reimbursement for “out of network providers.


Divorce Mediation

Dr. Wilner has been providing mediation services since 2006 and specializes in assisting parents with developing their parenting plans while going through divorce (Parental Allocation Judgement), as well as assisting parents post-decree with any co-parenting challenges or conflicts. Dr. Wilner has further expertise in helping parents and their attorneys develop safety plans to address significant mental health concerns, and/or substance abuse concerns that may impact one or both parents’ ability to parent safely and effectively. These safety plans are designed to establish normative parenting time (when appropriate), while ensuring the safety and wellbeing of the children.

During mediation, Dr. Wilner functions as a third party neutral who facilitates discussion, assists with problem solving, helps explore creative options, and supports the parents in reaching mutually agreeable resolutions.Mediation is a voluntary, confidential, self-directed process that keeps YOU in control of your own decision-making, and therefore, your family’s future.


Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative Divorce is a model for divorce that involves a commitment by the professionals and the parties to reach all parenting and financial agreements utilizing a thoughtful, innovative team process without reliance on litigation or intervention from the court. A “collaborative team” will be assembled which includes two collaboratively trained attorneys, one or two coaches, a child-specialist, and a financial neutral. While working on collaborative teams, Dr. Wilner serves as either a divorce coach or a child-specialist, which provide distinct services to the parents and the team.

To learn more about this divorce alternative, refer to the website for The Collaborative Law Institute of Illinois:



Divorce Coach

A divorce coach works with the parent(s) to help them identify their goals, needs, interests and concerns relative to their parenting plan and division of the marital estate. You and your coach will meet in person and talk by phone to prepare for meetings, discuss any points of impasse, work to manage emotionality in the process, and help you have a confident and clear voice in the decision making process throughout the collaboration. The coach may also provide feedback to the attorneys and other team members to assist in keeping the process moving forward smoothly. If you are working with an individual therapist, your coach may ask to speak with that clinician to ensure that the roles are distinct and our efforts coordinated for your best interests.



Child Specialist

The child specialist is a mental health professional with expertise in developing parenting plans that take the unique needs of each child into consideration. The CS is the only professional on the collaborative team who will meet with your children, with the goal of providing them with a safe way to have a “voice in the process.” Your children are not the decision makers, nor are they given the responsibility or burden of “choosing” where they want to reside, however they do tend to value and benefit from having the opportunity to talk with someone who will listen, validate, and work to ensure their core needs and fears are addressed during the collaborative divorce process. Your child specialist will work with you and your co-parent to develop your parenting plan (Parental Allocation Judgement)


NAS Support Group

In recent years, Dr. Wilner has encountered increasing numbers of women who find themselves in emotionally abusive relationships and marriages, who come in for counseling appearing battle-worn and traumatized. Prior to marriage, these women typically describe themselves as capable, competent, intelligent, independent women who, through the course of their marriage, have lost themselves. Self-esteem has been eroded and replaced with self-doubt, confusion, anxiety and guilt. Often, these clients discover that they are not “going crazy,” but instead have been living in crazy circumstances with a partner with narcissistic traits or a narcissistic personality disorder. After searching to find a psychoeducational support group for women who have endured narcissistic abuse, and being unable to find one, I developed my own. The Narcissitic Abuse Syndrome Women’s Divorce Support Group is a 4-module group for women who want and need to learn all they can about narcissism, the abuse and trauma they and their children have endured, and coping tools and strategies for dealing with their partner or co-parent. Each session is 90 minutes in length, with sessions ongoing, offered on both Saturdays and some evenings. To inquire about enrollment please contact Dr. Wilner at:


Reunification Therapy

Parent-child relationship problems tend to fall on a spectrum of difficulty from mild conflict and resistance to complete refusal to see a parent. These parent-child contact problems often develop in the context of high conflict divorce and may arise as a result of either realistic estrangement or parental alienation. When working with divorcing families that experience a parent-child relationship issue, Dr. Wilner conducts a thorough assessment of the family system in an effort to understand holistically the complex dynamics that have contributed to the relationship erosion. Both parents as well as the child will meet with Dr. Wilner, and referrals to other qualified clinicians may be provided to further support this challenging process.


Parenting Coordination

Although your marriage has ended, your relationship with your ex-spouse hasn’t---when you have a child together, your lives are forever bound by your responsibility as co-parents. But, sometimes, the hurt, anger, and disappointment you felt in your marriage follows you into the co-parenting relationship post-divorce. Parenting Coordination (PC) is a form of alternative dispute resolution for divorced co-parents in circumstances where mediation would be inappropriate or ineffective due to high levels of conflict. Parenting Coordination is a child-centered process that combines case management, co-parent education, mediation, and adjudication. In my role as PC I strive to help parents establish and maintain a healthy co-parenting relationship, and learn the tools necessary to make joint decisions, so your children can grow and thrive in home environments free from parental conflict, loyalty binds, and other risk factors that may negatively affect your child’s post-divorce adjustment. A court order is required to appoint Dr. Wilner as your parenting coordinator and she will need to speak with the attorneys involved in the case prior to accepting an appointment as a PC.